Khao Sok Nationalpark

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„After a walk through the jungle we went into the two caves Bat Cave and
Nam Tu Lu Cave gone. I had no idea what to expect. It was exhausting, you waded through more or less deep water, sometimes chest high, sometimes you could only swim, sometimes you slipped off and had no more ground under your feet, tight spots were to pass, to overcome differences in height, it clung to sometimes rugged rocks along, sometimes washed by the water smooth, sometimes on rocks with bizarre surface structures. With the feet you had to feel the ground to take a step. There were stalagmites and stalactites and a stone waterfall. Without headlamp absolute darkness. We saw toads, fishes, spiders and tenthousands of bats. An exciting tour.
It lasted 3 hours. You should have a good condition and no claustrophobia and be firm.
On the second day we made a trek to various places along the Sok River, with waterfalls, pools, lemurs, lizzards, birds from the center of the National Park. Highly recommended.“
Großer Nationalpark mit uraltem Regenwald, Kalksteinklippen, Wasserfällen und seltener Flora und Fauna.